Monday, August 25, 2008


Have you heard of ChaCha yet? If not, I don't know where you've been. This little service seems to be making its mark everywhere!

I'm the girl who flies by the seat of her pants when picking restaurants. Hubby and I will be on our way to one place, when I think of something else that's way better. "OOOH! We haven't had Q'Doba in a long time! Let's go there instead!" (That is a total lie, by the way. We eat at Q'Doba all the time. I have a minor obsession...) Hubby then will look at me and say, "Okay, where's the nearest one?" We usually don't know, so we end up going somewhere else instead. Frustrating? You bet! This is where ChaCha now thrusts itself immediately to the top of my BFF list. I simply send a text to ChaCha (242242) that says, "Where is the nearest Q'Doba to this intersection?" Someone (a real person) texts me back to say, "It's you want directions?" Isn't that awesome? Best of all, it's FREE! (Standard text fees apply.) I love it.

And you can use it for anything! Want to know who the prime minister of Malaysia is? Ask ChaCha. Need showtimes at your local theater? Ask ChaCha. Hours of that favorite store towns away? ChaCha. I know...I'm amazed.

Check it out, and start using it! I love it...

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