Thursday, July 03, 2008

Runnin' Down a Dream

If you remember this post, you'll remember that I LOVE Tom Petty. Well, my man and his Heartbreakers are in town tonight for a sold out show, and I'm not going. Yeah, I know. We waited a little too long to get our tickets, and they were sold out before I could get them. We're going to see them in St. Louis in a few weeks though, so I won't miss him entirely. I'm just missing him tonight.

Did I mention that I live 3 miles down the street from Deer Creek - the ampitheater where they will be playing - ? Oh, well I do. That means that I not only will be missing the show tonight, but Tom will be 3 MILES AWAY! So close, yet so far.

As I pulled out of my driveway to come to work this morning, a tour bus drove by the house on the way to Deer Creek. It didn't hit me for a few seconds, but once it did I thought of turning the other way and chasing them down the street. That could have been Tom! (Yes, I also know it could have been Steve Winwood - the opener - but this is my fantasy...don't ruin it!) Tom Petty might have driven right past my house this morning. *sigh*

It's raining today - outside and in my heart just a little. "Baby don't it feel like heaven right now?" No. No Tom - it doesn't. I'll keep waiting is the hardest part after all, right?

Here's a little treat for you - a snippet from Tom's DVD "Runnin' Down a Dream" where he talks about the first song I remember calling "favorite" in my life. "The Waiting"


Karen said...

That is nearly how I felt when we couldn't get James Taylor tickets for my SOLD OUT within 10 minutes of going up for sale. TEN MINUTES!

Kendrawolf said...

So, do you watch King of the Hill? I love the character Lucky that Tom does the voice for.