Thursday, July 31, 2008

Bye Bye July...

July is ALMOST over! It has been so crazy for us, and I can't believe we've actually survived this madness. For those who missed it, here is a recap:

-My friend Lisa got married (wedding, bachelorette party, etc.)
-Awesome July 4th party with youth group and their parents
-Camping, Kings Island (amusement park) and Christian music festival for four days with youth group
-My friend Courtney got married, but I couldn't go. Extreme guilt sets in.
-Dad turned 57, so we got together to celebrate (read - eat A LOT)
-Family visited from Florida, so we got together to celebrate (read - eat A LOT...again)
-Buster got a urinary tract infection that took us to the emergency room in the middle of the night.
-Buster got a urethral obstruction, has to be at vet (again) for two days.
-We go to Texas with 14 teenagers for a week-long mission trip (post coming soon). Insanity begins.
-Our niece Tayla turns 12, but we are out of town. More guilt sets in.
-We return from Texas, fairly unscathed, but definitely pooped.
-We have our SIXTH wedding anniversary. We celebrate by getting Chinese take-out, and eating in front of the couch. I can feel your jealousy...
-Mom has an emergency appendectomy. Long, boring stays at hospital commence. Work ceases.
-Old friends from SIFAT get in touch to let us know they're coming through Indy, and can they stay at our house? Absolutely - insanity continues.
-Mom is released from the hospital, so I spend a day waiting for discharge papers, shopping for groceries and filling prescriptions.

You may notice that the above list does not contain any of the following:
-House cleaning
-Church Services
-Weekly youth events
-Daily hygiene

The house is NOT clean, I'm barely keeping up with laundry, sleeping is fitful, hygiene...what's that? I have been brushing my teeth, but it's always while I'm on the toilet and applying deoderant at the same time (I'm mastering this multi-tasking stuff). And church? Does. Not. Stop. EVER.

I have my class reunion this weekend, family visiting from Iowa, Tayla's birthday celebration with us (called "Tayla Day" - we're going for pedicures), and THEN I get my vacation...I think. We are currently planning on going to St. Louis next week for a Cardinal game, Tom Petty concert, sightseeing, SLEEPING, etc. We may end up missing out if Mom isn't feeling well, but her doctor said this morning, "No way in hell would I let some appendectomy keep me from seeing Tom Petty." Well said Dr. Browne.

SO - If I can just get through the next few days, I am set. The good news is that the next few days are full of fun things. I just wish the fun was more spread out.

When I do a post in September about how boring my life is, will you please slap me across the face with this dead fish I'm posting today to WAKE ME UP?

How scatter-brained was this post? Sorry about that...this is a glimpse into my brain right now! :)

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Karen said...

Wow...holy to-do list, Batman. You've had one crazy month!