Sunday, November 21, 2010

My favorite shirt...

I'm wearing my favorite shirt today. It's a red henley with the perfect length sleeves and lots of buttons. I remember buying it from Lane Bryant a couple years ago, and almost buying a different color. I'm so glad I kept the red! There's nothing special about this shirt. it's just comfortable, casual and looks good on. It's long enough to cover my waistband (in case my panties want to make an appearance) and fitted enough to make me feel a little put together. I can wear it with jeans and tennis shoes or I can dress it up a bit and wear it with slacks and mary janes. I definitely have prettier things in my wardrobe, but this one just feels right all the time.

There's really nothing like wearing your favorite I right? :)

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Lee Dove said...

“There's really nothing like wearing your favorite I right?” – Yes, you are, Katie! Nothing beats our favorite shirt. No matter how worn out or stained it is, it’s still the perfect garment to wear. It might be a little bit cheesy, but my favorite shirt has so many memories with it. :]]