Friday, May 30, 2008

Star Athlete

Matt and I got a Wii a couple months ago. We love it! We looked all over for this thing, and couldn't find it anywhere. Finally Matt's mom and dad found it on their side of town, bought it, and we reimbursed them. (That's great teamwork, don't you think?) We play it nearly every day. Seriously. We love tennis. We love bowling. We love pool. We love racing cows. We love shuffleboard. We love darts. We love way too much about this system!

Our favorite game is probably tennis, with bowling coming in at second. We ROCK at tennis, and we're pretty good at bowling too. This sounds silly, but I've found myself thinking, "Wow! I'm really great at tennis! Maybe I'll play in real life, and I'll be some sort of tennis pro. Maybe it's a talent that I am only now discovering!" OR "STRIKE! I'm so good at bowling! The next time we go bowling in real life, I am going to!"

What I'm about to say will probably be no surprise to 99.5% of the people on this planet, but here goes...
Being good at Wii Sports does NOT make you a good athlete. Period.

I became painfully aware of this fact when Matt and I went bowling tonight, and I bowled a 70. Yeah. 70. What's scary is that this is not even my worst game! My worst game is like 29 or something.

So sorry folks...I'm probably not the next great tennis pro or bowling champ. I'm still the very out-of-shape-super-clutzy-unathletic Katie I've always been. Wii has not changed my athletic ability. It has possibly gotten me interested in tennis though...anyone want to watch Wimbledon with me?

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Krista said...

Ahhh yes...the Wii...I have an old Wii injury that still haunts me to this day...might need to get some therapy for it! freaking wii!