Monday, January 28, 2008

Swisher Weigh-Down

Many of you don't know this, but Matt and I are on a mission this year to GET IN SHAPE! We have started watching what we eat, making sure our portions are what they need to be, getting a little exercise, etc. We have some SERIOUS weight loss goals for this year, but are happy to be doing it together.

As of today (2 1/2 weeks into it), I have lost 11 pounds!!! I'm so excited to see some progress. I just wanted to share that joy with you guys. I love you all!


joseph said...

GREAT JOB KATIE!! We love you and miss you! love and hugs...joe and mk

Krista said...

OHHHH!!!! That is great inspiration as I sit here eating my cookies I bought from Subway for lunch...hey, I save calories by getting the sandwich, and I really wanted the cookies, so I don't care!

So I might be coming down to Indy one day in the near future, if I know the dates one day, I was wondering if I can be a guest at your place??

Also so glad you are still on here, I miss reading what is going on in your life!

Oh wait...where did Katie go? Oh there she is, she just turned sideways and disappeared! YEAH!!!

Julie said...

Congrats, Katie! :) I'm doing the same sort of thing. It is slow going, but wonderful when the results are positive (well, really...negative!)! Miss you!

Andrea said...

That's awesome news, Katie! Keep up the good work! :)