Tuesday, August 23, 2005


So - let's explore what this blog stuff is all about, shall we? I think I'll use mine as a place to just think and reflect. My husband is in seminary right now, so really, I should have a lot to reflect on. At this moment though, I can only reflect on the fact that I am sleep deprived. My little sister is getting married this weekend, and I have been working a lot the past few days so I can be gone later this week. A wedding is an interesting thing to prepare for. I wonder how they got to be these huge events? If anyone has insight on this, let me know. The only thing I can come up with is that we're always trying to out-do one another (myself included). In 20 years, what will a wedding look like? How much will a typical wedding cost? Too much, I'm sure. I love weddings though - really, I do! If it's done right, a wedding is a time of covenant, of celebration, of love. Who doesn't like that???

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